Ocean Conservation and the Business Community – An Unlikely Partnership

Pristine Seas helps find, survey, and protect the last wild places in the ocean, Enric Sala, National Geographic

Pristine Seas helps find, survey, and protect the last wild places in the ocean. (CREDIT: Enric Sala, National Geographic)

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Enric Sala, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Executive Director of Pristine Seas. Pristine Seas is a research and media project that works to protect the few untouched places we have left in the ocean. They bring together leaders in government, business, media, and environmental conservation to explore new ways to sustainably manage human impact on oceans.

We talked about how companies could redesign their business models in ways that ensure both financial and ecological sustainability. This type of approach matters, because while many companies want to do the right thing in terms of limiting their negative impact on the environment, they often don’t know how. Companies are unaware of ways they can realign incentives, work with partners outside their industry, and implement changes in a sequence that limits disruption. But, that’s just the kind of thing we look to do at Jynwel Capital, and through the Jynwel Foundation.

Demonstrating our approach to this, as well as our commitment to ocean conservation and the future of our planet, Jynwel Foundation has signed a five-year commitment to support National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project. I’ve asked them to help us report on their valuable work here, so please look out for regular updates from the Pristine Seas team.

You can help, too. Here’s a link to their site to learn more and here is their tip sheet with 10 things you can do to save the ocean. We can all play a part in preserving our oceans for future generations.