New York Times ‘HEALTH FOR TOMORROW’ Conference

Delivering the best care of today and the better care of tomorrow to every patient around the world

This week, on behalf of Jynwel Foundation, I attended The New York Times ‘Health for Tomorrow’ conference in San Francisco. We joined leaders from across industry, academia and government to discuss the challenges facing our global health environment. Our panel focused on the MD Anderson Oncology Expert AdvisorTM (OEATM) and the opportunity it presents to support a vision of democratized access to healthcare, a topic I’ve written about previously.

Led by our partners Dr. Lynda Chin of MD Anderson, Dr. Courtney DiNardo of MD Anderson, and Rob High, Chief Technology Officer of IBM Watson, our panel discussed the potential of OEATM to provide patients in smaller community health systems guidance to treatment often only available in larger healthcare organizations. While much of the conference focused on the latest innovations in healthcare, it was exciting to give attendees an example of how big data is being successfully used to provide the most effective patient care. Through cross-sector collaboration, our partners have been able to bring a truly unique and innovative idea – that is poised to change the way we approach the fight against cancer – to life.

As OEATM comes into being, we have much further to go to ensure that the patients who need access to expert care can receive it, regardless of where they live. If we want to empower doctors around the world to provide better care, we have to create the infrastructure to enable them to do so.

From Jynwel Foundation’s perspective, healthcare in the world of tomorrow is about better, more efficient care for every patient. Collectively, we need to make a serious push to ensure that each and every corner of the world has equal access to expert treatment. After participating in this conference and meeting similarly passionate individuals from multiple sectors, I’m more confident than ever that we are on the right path.