2014 Social Good Summit Adds Melinda Gates, Alicia Keys, Edward Norton, Robin Roberts & Rick Stengel to its Speaker Roster

…These speakers will come together in New York to discuss the pressing issues of our time, thanks to sponsors like Jynwel Charitable Foundation Limited, which seeks to fund breakthrough programs that help scale and accelerate advancements in global health, education and studies in conservation, and the film “Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness.” The documentary follows victims of three conflicts as they recover from unimaginable loss and seek reconciliation. The filmmaker will be joined by people profiled in the film on a panel, where they can share their stories and help to communicate the film’s message that violence is not the inevitable outcome of trauma. “Beyond Right & Wrong” suggest in order for the audience to participate to watch the film ahead of time, which is available to view for free on FilmRaise.com where 50 cents is donated to charity for every viewer, epitomizing the Social Good Summit’s commitment to connecting, inspiring and engaging people and ideas from around the world.

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