The Next Generation of Philanthropy at Social Good Summit

Jho with colleagues and partners.

Mr. Jho Low discusses philanthropy with bright young Millennials during the Mashable Social Good Summit.

This week started off in a great way for Jynwel Charitable Foundation as I, along with my brother Szen, participated in the Mashable Social Good Summit in New York City. On Sunday, Jynwel Foundation hosted a roundtable with bright young Millennials working toward social good around the world. I was intrigued by their approaches to philanthropy and their thoughts on how we, as a global community, can work together to solve the issues we are so passionate about at Jynwel Foundation. Some of our main discussion points included:

  1.        The Culture of Sustainable Giving – With many popular giving trends, such as the recent Ice Bucket Challenge, philanthropy is reduced to making a one-time donation and posting about it on your social media channels. Everyone at the roundtable discussion agreed that to make a real difference and true impact, donors must be committed to the organizations of their choice. While one-time gifts are, no doubt, instrumental in achieving a mission, a long-term partnership with an organization can generate much more value.
  2.        Transparency is Key – I often think of philanthropic donors as shareholders of a corporation. When people give to or invest in an organization, they have a right to know how that investment is being used and how it is leading to success. The concept of trust was a recurring topic during our roundtable discussion. There is a necessary balance in the relationship between donors and charitable organizations – donors trust their money is being used in the most effective way and by accepting donations, organizations have an obligation to uphold this trust. It is very important to me that our work at Jynwel Foundation is trusted, and that all funding is used to achieve the highest possible impact.
  3.        Personal Security – Data privacy is a topic which continues to surface in the media. Breaches of private, sensitive information create fear around the globe. During our conversation, we heard that now is the time for business and philanthropy to team up and create new, more secure platforms to facilitate online giving. This is a resourceful way to address the challenges associated with privacy and the open internet. A new and consistent platform would create ease of access to giving and could standardize online donations for organizations that are not able to build a robust and secure system on their own.

The main takeaway from our conversation is that we must think about philanthropy holistically and globally. Hearing from fresh minds dedicated to social good everywhere in the world pushes us at Jynwel Foundation to continue exploring new approaches and energizes us to develop even more disruptive ways to challenge the status quo and create a more open and sustainable world.