Jho Low on Jynwel Foundation’s Partnership with the United Nations Foundation – Shining a Spotlight on the most Pressing Global Issues of Our Time

This week, Jynwel Charitable Foundation, alongside the Thomson Reuters Foundation, announced a grant to partner with the United Nations Foundation to create a global news bureau dedicated to shining a spotlight on how cross-sector collaboration is driving sustainable impact—and ultimately attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”).

Our commitment will 1) support the development of GlobalDaily.org, an aggregated news site curated to display content relevant to the SDGs, and 2) create grants to media outlets across the world to increase awareness and reporting on the issues that matter most to a global readership over the next year.

The closely intertwined challenges of the world we live in today need actors across sectors to collaborate – and that approach is central to the SDGs. At their core, the SDGs address the deeply complex relationships and fragile balance of our world today – one where climate change is not merely a conservation issue, but also an agricultural and economic challenge deeply impacting the world’s most vulnerable peoples. This is a world in which the delivery of vaccines and the creation of health centers are often dependent on insufficient investments in already frail infrastructure. A world where soaring migration rates from rural areas to urban centers is merely one driver of a critical need for more resilient cities.

This is why Jynwel Foundation is now taking a leadership role to help ensure stories of humanitarian and sustainable development challenges and successes are being told effectively – because we know that these stories can spark action and create a better world.

The power of media has been evident to me from a young age. For many years, my family would gather at my grandparents’ home every Sunday. After lunch, my grandfather would read the newspapers. Often deeply touched by stories about the elderly, poor and orphaned, he would call the individuals and organizations mentioned in the articles to provide a meaningful donation.

From this experience with my grandfather I learned first-hand that media moves people to action. And that action is essential now, as we seek to invite new voices into the conversation, create a broad and representative dialogue and ensure a truly global base of knowledge.

As director of Jynwel Foundation, I am very proud to work alongside some of the world’s leading institutions in a mission to highlight stories featuring the most pressing global development challenges of our generation. The horizon of international development is bright, and together, we will elevate broader awareness of the issues that matter most to our global society and inspire the minds that will change the world and secure a sustainable future.