What is the origin of Jynwel Foundation?

The Low family has a long history of providing philanthropic support to the communities in which they have lived and conducted business. With the establishment of Jynwel Foundation, Mr. Jho Low and Mr. Szen Low are carrying on the charitable tradition and family values of their grandfather and father.

 What are the focus areas of Jynwel Foundation?

Jynwel Foundation focuses on the areas of:

  • Global health: Working to advance access to quality healthcare for people around the world by supporting cutting-edge research and programs, particularly in the field of cancer research.
  • Conservation: Promoting studies in conservation through our support of prominent organizations that address wildlife and environmental conservation.
  • Education: Helping to shape the global business leaders of tomorrow by promoting unique ideas in business, economic development and entrepreneurship.

How did Jynwel Foundation determine the focus areas?

The Low family chooses to focus their philanthropic efforts on the areas that are most meaningful to the family: health care, conservation and education.

How does Jynwel Foundation choose its grant recipients?

Within the health care, education and conservations spaces, there are many organizations doing exemplary work every single day. Jynwel Foundation chooses to support and develop strong partnerships with organizations who have the ability to demonstrate tangible impacts as a result of Jynwel Foundation’s support. Organizations are closely scrutinized to ensure their credibility and support toward their mission statements.

What is the philosophy behind Jynwel Foundation?

Jynwel Foundation seeks to fund breakthrough programs to solve the toughest problems in health care, education and conservation – issue areas that have had a personal impact on the Low family. Through these pillars, Jynwel Foundation has the opportunity to drive research and conversations about some of the most pertinent issues today to create solutions for tomorrow.

What is disruptive philanthropy?

We call our approach to philanthropy disruptive because we seek to make groundbreaking impacts across each of our issue areas.

Will Jynwel Foundation add pillars over time, or does it strictly support the three key pillars?

The current pillars will remain important focal points for Jynwel Foundation, but we will continue to look for issue areas that are aligned with our vision and where our assets can make the greatest impact.

Why is Jynwel Foundation interested in supporting healthcare initiatives, particularly cancer research and treatment?

Cancer impacts everyone, and is an issue that the Low family finds very important. We have all seen close friends and family affected, and we want to take a stand to make sure the highest quality of care is available for those who need it anywhere they live around the globe. Cancer is a global epidemic, affecting people in all walks of life. It respects no national borders, or socio-economic stations. Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for one in every eight deaths around the world – that’s more deaths than HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined.

What inspired Jynwel Foundation’s commitment to conservation efforts?

Having a focus on conservation was natural for Jynwel Foundation as conservation of our global resources is critical to continued economic development. We are committed to promoting studies in conservation through our support of prominent organizations that address wildlife and environmental conservation.

What is Jynwel Foundation doing in education?

Having seen the value of sustainable business models around the globe, Jynwel Foundation will support development of these programs at top institutions around the globe as well as working strong business foundation into education at all levels. Through a robust education, Jynwel Foundation has the opportunity to cultivate the next cohort of business leaders and ensure their willingness to conduct business in forward-thinking ways and the ability to carry sustainability across their practices.

How is Jynwel Foundation structured?

Jynwel Foundation is run by Mr. Jho Low and Mr. Szen Low. Jynwel Foundation deploys financial and human capital and employs the same rigorous professionalism in this process as in the daily work of Jynwel Capital.

Can my organization receive funding from Jynwel Foundation?

Due to the specific nature of Jynwel Foundation’s pillars of support, Jynwel Foundation is unable to support all requests for funding. However, if your organization works with the spaces of health care, education or conservation, we are open to discussion of potential sponsorship and partnership opportunities. Please contact our team at jynwel@edelman.com with relevant information about your organization and the most appropriate contact person.

Does Jynwel Foundation accept donations?

As the charitable arm of Jynwel Capital, Jynwel Foundation does not accept and will never solicit donations from its supporters or network. If you are interested in supporting our philanthropy, we recommend directly funding organizations with whom we work.

Why did Jynwel Foundation make a donation to these organization?

We do not comment on individual donations because we want to maintain focus on the programmatic work we do to support our three key pillars.